Refreshed Employee Profiles, Documents and Sign-In
All Employees Table
A new look and feel to help manage employees at scale
  • Updated table design with new columns to show more employee profile data
  • Improved search, sort and filter functionality across all employee profiles
  • Documents shared with all employees have been moved to a dedicated all "Documents" tab in the workspace's primary navigation
  • New "Create Employee" workflow
  • New "Dismiss Employee" workflow for Full-Service Payroll subscribers
Search and Filter
Employee Workspace Status
Simplified employee profile status' to streamline onboarding and dismissal
  • Active:
    Access to workspace based on the role assigned during profile creation
  • Dismissed:
    Employee is no longer employed. Limited profile access
Create & Invite Employee
Adding an employee to the workspace has been reduced to a single step
  • After creating an employee profile, the new employee will receive an email and text containing a link to join your workspace
  • Employees must click the link and sign in to access the workspace
  • Employees will no longer be listed as "Pending" approval to join the workspace
  • Newly created employee profiles are automatically set to "Active"
  • If your business is subscribed to Full-Service Payroll, employees will be guided through payroll enrollment
Employee Profiles
Employee profiles have been re-designed to improve data collection and organization
  • Updated Profile tab now includes properties for languages, pronouns, ethnicity and marital status
  • New Employment tab contains employee/employer properties, an updated pay rate management experience, and a refreshed payroll onboarding tracker for workspaces that use Full-Service Payroll
  • New Pay tab to view and download paystubs (Full-Service Payroll Only)
Dismiss Employee
Full-Service Payroll subscribers will now see a "Dismissal Summary" on a dismissed Employees Profile > Employment Tab
Dismissed Employee Profile
Pay Rates
Removed the master list of pay rates from workspace settings. Pay rates are now managed exclusively in an Employee’s Profile > Employment Tab > Pay Rates section
  • Removed the ability to create custom pay rate codes in workspace settings and on employee profiles
  • Introduced workspace default pay rate earning codes for hourly employees: Base (Required), Weekend and Holiday
  • Any employee that did not have a default pay rate has been assigned a base pay rate of $7.25 (Federal minimum wage requirement)
Pay Rates
Important: We recommend reviewing employee pay rates in Employee Profile > Employment Tab to make sure they are set appropriately.
Employee Notes & Reminders
We have temporarily removed notes and reminders from employee profiles. All employee notes / reminders data is safe and will be made available when we launch a refreshed version of these features with our next release.
All Documents
Introduced a new all documents page in the workspace primary navigation.
  • Upload documents and select to share with:
  • Limited:
    Only employees that have access to the all "Documents" page, in the workspace's primary navigation, will see the document
  • Employees:
    Documents uploaded will become available in Employee Profile > Documents Tab
Important: If your business previously uploaded documents in the legacy Employees > Documents view, you will need to download and re-upload documents to the new Documents view. We have also temporarily removed documents that were uploaded to individual employees. The documents are safe and they will be added back to employee profiles with our next release.
Account Sign In
User account passwords have been removed from Careswitch
  • Users can now sign in using the email or mobile number associated with their account
  • Upon entering an email or mobile number, users will be sent a verification code that must be entered to authenticate into their account.
Sign In
Account Creation + Workspace Creation
  • New user account creation and workspace creation forms for all new businesses and users signing up to use Careswitch.
Fixes & Improvements
  • Fixed a bug that prevented updating client bill rates on invoices
  • New customer support chat and bug ticketing system
Admin Reports Dashboard
We released a new,
reports dashboard for business administrators that's currently in beta. We will be adding charts and tweaking the dashboard in the coming weeks based on your feedback and continued improvements to our platform.
Later this year we will also launch advanced roles and permissions to enable finer grained controls for who can access these reports.
Additional changes:
  • Primary side-navigation now collapses to icons
  • Added truncation to long breadcrumbs
  • Improved visual layout of mobile web channel list
Email employee W2's
It's tax season! Premium payroll admins can now send emails to employees that request electronic copies of their W-2.
Jan 18, 2023 - W2
Go to Payroll > Settings and select to view the new "Tax Documents" page. You will see a list of your employees, their federal taxable wages and an option to send them an email that contains their W2.
Premium Chat
Screen Shot 2023-01-13 at 2
Upgrade to take advantage of new channel types and expanded moderation tools. Message individual employees, create channels with specific members, or send one-way broadcast notifications to the whole company– all with HIPAA-compliant, easy-to-use chat inside Careswitch.
Direct Messages
  • Chat 1-on-1, or with up to 10 people in a direct message
  • Businesses that do not upgrade to Premium Chat can still use direct messaging for free
Private Channels
  • As the name suggests, private channels have member lists that allow you to add and remove users as-needed
  • For example, create a private channel named after a client, then add members to facilitate care team communication
  • Also useful for private administrator discussions
Public Channels
  • Publicly visible channels that everyone in the org can participate in
  • Active employees can join and leave public channels at will
Broadcast Channels
  • Like public channels, but admins can broadcast read-only messages to all members of the channel
  • Useful for announcements, sharing available shifts and notifications
Channel List
  • Updated channel list design to improve readability
  • Added member count and avatar preview of channel members
  • Ability to preview the last message sent in a chat
  • Icons to visually indicate channel type
Additional Chat Features
  • Ability for admins to delete member messages in channels (Premium Only)
  • Ability to see a list of all current members in a channel
  • Ability for admins to manage chat subscription
Fixes & Improvements
  • Added the ability to select an employee's last day during dismissal
  • Added the ability to pro-rate daily rates when editing shifts in payroll
  • Fixed employees ability to access paystubs from payday emails
  • Timezone is now more apparent in payroll
  • Fixed employee invite links
  • Improved syncing between employees and workplaces
Payroll onboarding & implementation
We’ve improved the payroll onboarding and implementation experience, making it even easier to get your business up and running on payroll with Careswitch.
  • Streamlined onboarding and implementation into a single checklist, making it easier to navigate between different onboarding sections.
  • Onboarding now supports manual bank account entry
  • Ability to upload and track verification documents right from Careswitch
  • Businesses that upgrade to premium payroll will have an extra week to complete implementation, no longer needing to rush to finish it in time for the current payroll in draft
Fixes & Improvements
  • We’ve extended the deadline before marking payrolls as closed for freemium customers by 4 days. It used to be the approval deadline, and now it’s payday.
  • New sidebar nav items to access What's New, Help Center and Roadmap & Feedback
  • We will be publishing "What's New" updates (like this) more frequently.